PRADA new products preview of 2016 Fall and Winter series

prada linea rossa glasses

In May 24 PRADA held a “PRADA new products preview of 2016 Fall and Winter series” in the Opposite House, showing the latest Prada and Prada Linea Rossa glasses products.

Prada has a unique cheap style, not only led the aesthetic trend, but also dominate the aesthetic paradigm of many different occasions. Prada 2016 Fall and Winter series of male and female glasses series has a strong characteristics and personality. Contour design from the circle to the cat’s eye shape, and then to the square, providing a variety of options, making it a necessary choice this season. No matter which one, all the foot and front frame design are derived from the study on thickness, and is rich in new themes and logo. In-depth research aims to create a new style. Men’s series through the exquisite harmonious details of the design performance of their personality, and from time to time the simple classic style with a high or bold and innovative front frame.

This season the important theme of Prada Linea Rossa glasses series is light and streamline design for the integration of comfort, motion and technology. The front frame and temples are made of acetate material and decorated with metal sequin. The use of soft shape and material, such as rubber, to ensure excellent performance and comfort. Once again, the active element is combined with the brand of great life taste, both complement each other, making this series stand out. Style blend once again reflected in optical glasses series of the brand, straight-line bold style and the red logo that each must have, creating its unique brand recognition for the outlet series.

Interesting original style, PRADA Baroque glasses special series

prada glasses

Prada released the latest Minimal-Baroque glasses series. This idea is inspired by the spring / summer women’s series, and truly presents a new creative ideas.

Minimal-Baroque is not just a series of glasses, would also be presented fashion concept about Baroque cheap style in stages.

The luxury glasses style that first introduced is the Baroque outlet style glasses which used in show field, its emphasis on color, interesting, and it has original style. This accessory would be limited in production and be available exclusively in shopping areas which emphasis on elegance, character and design, such as Prada boutiques, special department stores and ILORI eyewear stores, offering a unique experience to customers.

In order to emphasize the sense of uniqueness and creativity of this glasses accessories, Prada choose three pieces of illustrator’s works to be its interpretation. Ivo Bisignano, Marcela Gutierrez and Andrea Tarella interpret the Baroque glasses collections in a personal perspective and according to their illustration techniques: From watercolor painting to pastel painting, to acrylic painting. Their unique skill cleverly demonstrated the style of this glasses.

Curves, ribbons and bas-relief effects are the main design features of Minimal-Baroque. Rich color combinations include: white / blue, white / black and white / honey colored, the use of acetate material, the front frame lines to achieve seamlessly, the mirror arm engraved Rococo curly texture, the decorative become its most out of the ordinary features.

This season, Prada also launched the other two models related to Minimal-Baroque sunglasses project. The two new models will use the same design ideas and present different creative directions. The shape will be more gentle, the color choices will be more abundant and more intense.

The two Minimal-Baroque new models on sale in major stores, which also formed the second phase of the glasses theme creative project.

Prada launched new Inside handbags: fun, sexy, and full of subversive!

Prada Inside Bags is the brand launch a new outlet classic handbags, Prada’s unique clever design as the core concept: soft inner structure two bags hidden, deft design, exercising writer’s inventive mind. A handbags cleverly hidden in another handbags, this cheap unique structure raised a lot of emotion. It is funny, sexy, elegant, and full of subversive, the perfect blend rich tradition and bold ideas.

Bags inside using a variety of luxurious outlet leather crafted combination, including alligator skin, ostrich skin and calf skin. Soft “inner structure” is made with soft outlet sheep leather. The inner bags and outer bags of this style of handbags choose the classic and new colors, can be the same color mix, can also create a creative internal and external color collision effect, highlight the unique personality of the host. The outer bags is connected with the inner bags through the complex cheap design, this complex design will be the top of the cheap traditional Prada technology and clever innovative results of organic integration together. The inner bags is composed of two folds is connected with the outer bags, not use any internal structure, create a soft, discount, exquisite handbags. Each outlet handbags is spent a few hours by craftsmen handmades.

prada handbags

This essential discount new handbags is full of intriguing dual character, implicit and without losing the bold, subversion of the traditional at the same time still showing the classic cheap temperament.

This style Prada bags in bags, modelling innovative, convenient carrying. Two beautiful bags combined, having a level of texture, form an overall elegant and harmonious.

The UK in 1960s, no one is more than Prada better understanding of the true meaning of retro.

1960s is a turbulent era of ideological trend of thought, 60s UK young people have the courage to oppose all the traditional, Pop Art, Beatles, Swinging Dance, Mini dress. Miuccia Prada this season show as if to take you through to the past, application of a large number of stripes, high purity color stitching, exaggerated like a disco ball of large earrings, design of outlet leather and cheap reflective material, mosaic printing of geometric figures…

Prada UK

Prada UK with color shoes, bags to create charming young girl image!

Prada UK
2016 UK Prada women’s outlet show, not too many complicated elements, simplicity and elegance become the main tone of the whole show. Sweet candy-colored shoes, bags become the most significant feature of the season. Integrate into sports elements colorful silicone soles, people feel a little amazing. Symbol of 1960s of handbags, are also frequently appeared, in highlighting the UK youth girl discount style while also not losing cheap elegance.

budding supermodel show Prada 2016 Summer UK Series

Westling joint supermodel(Artur Chruszcz, Aya Jones, Finnlay Davis, Johannes Spaas, Julia Nobis, Louis Bauvir, Maartje Verhoef, Niels Trispel, Tim Schuhmacher and Willow Hand)show Prada UK 2016 Summer outlet Series. Their neutral gray background, models and sometimes cold, sometimes intimate hug, show elegant demeanor temperament.
Prada uk

Two online models wearing a black sweater and a striped dress, cold eyes reveal their uninhibited attitude, female models carry a neutral wind Prada handbag, full of outlet momentum.

Men wear a large number of prada black outlet nylon, filled with melancholy atmosphere. Lady’s red mesh high heels and short skirts are particularly prominent, as if it is a little warm in the cold, black leather jacket with a lead a fast sentiment.

The metallic color thick chain package, Prada 2016 Summer show handbag.

prada bags
Prada 2016 Milan Fashion Week bag design more simple, envelope shaped square single shoulder bag, thick ring buckle chain shoulder strap is the key outlet element. Designers Miuccia get cheap inspiration from art film in UK, the whole fashion series have revealed the discount of the atmosphere, the color of the handbags is mainly gold and silver. Another biggest online bright spot, is the single shoulder bag back.

Prada Double Bag global synchronization listing

prada handbags uk
Prada Double Bag

Italy leather aristocratic family Prada recently launched Double Bag cheap series, delicate and complicated process and the attention to detail to create a unique and simple ultra light UK handbags.

The handbag is made of outlet goats skin, can be matched with any color of clothes. Make this handbag is light and unique. Use leather to create lining, in order to make the bags remains light, prada UK betting a lot of effort, the perfect combination of the bags inside and outside. In order to facilitate the storage, bag inside also built a clamshell interlayer. This Prada Double Bag series, the continuation of the leading Prada bag modern fashion design tradition.